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Remedios Varo—The Useless Science

    Solaris is a 'born again' progressive rock band, having formed in the mid 1970's in the heyday of Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Pink Floyd. Gentle Giant and other great bands. It was these influences that energized the band to both interpret and perform the great music of these bands and to create symphonic and melodic original compositions of their own. Through 1981 and a few personnel changes, the band played in the Northeast US to appreciative audiences.

As a result of momentous and opportunistic events, original band members - Guitarist extraordinaire James Curran; Keyboard wizard Jim Waterman and Bass Guitar titan Wayne Speranza were reunited and rediscovered their passion for progressive rock music and maybe even the chops and will to play it. The addition of awe-inspiring drummer and experimental percussionist Chris Ryan brought more polish and some new ideas. The reunited Solaris is writing fresh new music, and will be playing your favorite progressive rock tunes, including their own, at a venue near you.